Tami Wasson, Photographer

River walking at the Ocqueoc River Falls.

My Dad was a naval photographer when he served this country. He loved taking pictures. He was really good at portrait photography. He just had a way about him that helped his subjects relax. And he knew when to click the picture.

He also loved the outdoors and captured many beautiful things in the creation. But more than that he taught me to love it.

Gary Snyder, my father, before I was born while he was stationed in Washington.

I’m pretty sure that all of my best memories of my father are set in the outdoors. Gardening, yard work, camping, adventuring through the woods, collecting mushrooms, hunting, fishing, swimming, stargazing. He taught me what he could about the trees and birds and flowers and the constellations.

In 2014, my father had a stroke and entered the presence of the Jesus he loved. I know the years will roll by and I will meet up with him eventually. But while I wait, I want to honor him by continuing to capture the beauty in this world.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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