In the Beginning…

God created…

Even people who don’t know much about the Bible probably know where these words come from. It is Genesis 1:1, the very first verse in the Bible. In almost every English translation it reads the same way, “In the beginning God created…”

I’ve been sitting on Genesis chapter one for a project I’m working on. So many amazing things to see and contemplate in the creation narrative. But I keep coming back to two things.

God was there. In the book of Revelations God is called, the beginning and the end. He predates creation. He predates time. It’s hard enough to wrap my head around eternity future. Eternity past is beyond me.

But like so many other God characteristics, my lack of understanding does not change the truth. God is the Great I Am. He was and is and is to come.

Also, the very first recorded act of scripture is that God created. This is so encouraging to me, because later on in Genesis chapter one, we read that mankind is created in God’s image. He created us with the potential to create. Sit on that for a while.

I would like to think that we are reflecting Him well when we create. What is your creative talent? Figure it out. It’s there. Maybe it isn’t sculpture or painting, but it’s there. My husband likes to draw floor plans for houses. He would swear that he’s not creative. Yet, I live in one of those creations.

There is peace and satisfaction as we reflect the characteristics of the Lord of creation, whether it is in His love and grace or in His creativity.

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